My mom and I met Debbie Lloyd in December 2011. Prior to this, Debbie had met and spent a little bit of time with my daughter Alyssa who is a drug addict. Debbie spent time talking to my mom, and myself and tried to help us to better understand my daughter’s addiction and behavior. Debbie understood how angry we were with my child. She could tell we could not understand why Alyssa “couldn’t just stop”. We asked questions like, ” If Alyssa really loves her child, then why does she keep doing drugs?” Debbie shed insight to us explaining how the addicts mind works. She helped us see how Alyssa was controlled by her addiction and told us that drugs are the only things on her mind. Debbie tried to encourage understanding and also encouraged us to love Alyssa and support recovery, but also to maintain good boundaries with Alyssa. Debbie described the manipulation that drug addicts engage in, and how we as family members had to maintain emotional health and boundaries.

Although, we were not able to spend a long time with Debbie, the insight she provided us was monumental. Her short time with us, gave us insight and guidance. We are grateful to Debbie for this. Our family is very grateful that we were able to meet Debbie and for her participation in getting Alyssa on a healthy path.

– Thank you Debbie – Sara Silacci

Debbie, I think that the 4 stages are and would have been very helpful to us. I am not remembering my son’s timeline but I know he was using before we knew he was. He was about 14 when we first caught him smoking pot. We thought it had stopped but then his use escalated at 15. We where never aware that it could turn from pot/drinking to full blown addiction, using anything and everything he could get. We knew he was very bad when he could not finish any out patient program we tried. We also knew nothing about the disease of addiction. Everyone we would talk to never toke the time to help us as a family understand how bad his use could get. We think if someone would have taken that time with us we could have made better decisions. By being better educated we would have made different decisions.

– Candy, mom of an addict

Hi Debbie, Thank-you for your work in the field of addiction. My son is a recovering addict. He started using when he was in middle school. I feel the only why to get parents to understand that this can happen to their child is to use the facts of addiction. Most parents think if they do everything right when raising their children they will not turn to drugs. The facts are that all children are at risk of addiction. Addiction is a disease that does not discriminate. Doctors, lawyers, rich or poor your child can get this disease. The best way to control it is to know the risks and talk to your kids about the risks to them if they start to use.

– Mom of a recovering addict

Debbie – Thank you so much for the advice on drug testing our children. We have spoken to our family doctor and it will be a part of our children’s routine visits. Knowing that they will be drug tested by a professional has taken the stress off of my husband and I and we feel our children now know how serious we are about them never trying drugs or alcohol.

– Nancy, children ages 9 and 11.